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An Expanding Frontier

Verizon has announced that it will sell a large proportion of its wireline property to Frontier Communications. This transaction, effective in 2016, transfers all the wireline assets in 3 states from Verizon to Frontier.

GeoResults, the world’s leading provider of telecom intelligence, maintains databases of all Incumbent service territories. We are pleased to provide map images to help depict this transaction.

By using GeoResults’ proprietary Central Office (CO) and Wire Center (WC) boundary databases, the impact of this transaction can be easily visualized. In these maps, the transfer of the COs depicts the increase of Frontier’s Incumbent territory.


Frontier’s Market Presence Increases

It is interesting to note that Frontier, who previously had zero presence in Texas and minimal presence in Florida, will now control 20% of the Incumbent COs in those respective states. Furthermore, Frontier will now control a third of all Incumbent COs in California. This is a significant increase in Frontier’s market presence.

New Frontier Serving Areas After Territory Exchanges




The nation’s largest Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs).

The map below details the territories held by the nation’s largest Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs). The pending acquisition of Verizon’s assets follows other strategic Frontier acquisitions in recent years. This further solidifies Frontier’s position as a dominant service operator within the national telecom landscape. For further information and how your company resides within the telecom landscape, please Contact GeoResults.